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July 29, 2022
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Camera Sewer Services


Typically, a plumbing emergency occurs when we are extremely busy. The clogged pipes create problems. Unfortunately, there will be times when you notice a foul odor emanating from the drain when you have guests over. Sometimes, just as you are about to leave for a well-earned vacation, the basement floods. Homeowners and business owners can avoid all of these misfortunes.

One of the best ways to prevent this from occurring is to schedule a sewer camera inspection to anticipate problems and prevent plumbing issues from occurring in the first place.

Six Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspecting

#1 Accurate Diagnosis

Property owners are able to view a live feed from the sewer line camera. This camera is fed into the pipeline underground. It will allow you to see with your own eyes if there are any problems with the sewer, as well as the location of the problem, regardless of the number of turns and twists the camera line must take to reach the problem. Here at Bell Excavating, we will demonstrate the precise nature and location of the issue.

#2 Does Not Require Digging

Thanks to advancements in trenchless technology, fixing any type of sewer problem has become extremely efficient. There is no need to excavate the entire yard in order to fix a problem with the sewer line. Technicians from Bell Excavating will create a small access point to move the camera inside the plumbing to examine any potential issues.

#3 Reduced labour costs

In the conventional method, much trial and error is required to pinpoint the precise location of the problem. With the aid of trenchless technology, locating the precise location of the problem does not require the use of heavy machinery or a large number of contractors. Using this innovative technology, only a few of our qualified technicians are required to pinpoint the exact location of the problem within a few hours.

#4 Extremely Effective

This solution does not require any digging, which significantly reduces the inspection time. Additionally, trenchless technology saves a great deal of time on repair and replacement. After the replacement work has been completed, a final video inspection is conducted to ensure that it is in the correct location and functioning properly. The replacement material used to fix the issue has a lengthy service life, so you won’t need to recall technicians to fix the same problem years later.

#5 Permanent Resolution

When our technicians conduct a camera inspection, the entire length and width of the sewer system is examined. This entire inspection is captured on video, and we will keep it in our files for future reference. With the aid of this reference data, the annual inspection of a sewer becomes much easier and quicker.

#6 Preventive Maintenance

Sewer camera inspection is the best way to prevent future catastrophic plumbing problems. If water begins to appear in your yard on a regular basis, you should contact a qualified technician to inspect the pipes. Leaks that initially appear to be minor will become much larger if not repaired promptly. The true extent of the damage to the sewer system can be determined by a camera inspection performed by qualified technicians.

The camera inspection technology is able to detect even the smallest sewer line issues. It aids in resolving the issues and preventing them from becoming extremely disruptive. When you hire us for sewer camera inspection services, you can count on high-quality work, a comprehensive sewer inspection, and reasonable rates.