City Sewer & Water Services You Can Trust

With years of water and excavating experience, Bell Excavating/Bill Wolfe Excavating can handle all of your Sewer or Water Services, including installation, cleaning, repair, wet tapping, line thawing, storm drains, manholes and more!

Water and Sewer Services for Every Need

Whether it’s your home or business that is connected to a city sewer or water system, we can help maintain the sewer and water lines to keep things running smoothly.

Sewer Line Installation, Cleaning, and Repair

At Bell Excavating/ Bill Wolfe Excavating, we keep your Sewer Line running effectively by providing installation, maintenance, and repair right when you need it. You can trust us to give you honest answers about what your sewer line needs and to provide cost-effective and quick solutions. We provide a number of Sewer Line services, including:

  • Installing sewer lines for new construction
  • Replacing sewer lines (trench or trenchless methods)
  • Replacing pipe segments for spot repairs
  • Cleaning out sewer line blockages
  • Sewer line thawing
  • And more!

Water Line Installation, and Repair

With more than 75 years of combined experience, we know how to install a water line that lasts. If repairs are necessary, we first provide a thorough inspection of your entire system to ensure that we know exactly what’s wrong. We have the expertise and the equipment to address any problem, including Excavating for underground repairs. Our water line services include:

If you suspect your water line might need repairs contact us today for a FREE site evaluation!

  • Water line installation
  • Pipe replacement
  • Pipe repair
  • Water line thawing
  • Wet tapping (a process that allows us to seamlessly connect new pipe to your existing water line without interrupting your service or flow)
  • And more!

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Not sure if your sewer or water line is working as it should? We can help identify the problem! Schedule your FREE site evaluation today!

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