Residential Demolition
February 29, 2024
Residential Demolition
February 29, 2024

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire an Excavation Contractor

Before installing an inground pool, sprinkler system or irrigation, plumbing pipes and large landscaping features on your property, excavation work is required. For example, excavation may be required to plant a new garden or farm and replace contaminated soil.

No matter how much digging is needed, a homeowner should hire a professional to do it. Excavating can be dangerous and difficult, and cause serious damage to the home or property. Hiring a professional excavator in Stillwater or the surrounding area will allow you to dig more quickly, according to your exact needs and with greater precision.
Check out these reasons before you rent a bobcat to manage your excavation, or dig, to see why it’s best to leave this to professionals, regardless of the size pit or trench you need.

1. You may be surprised by the soil when excavating

You should never assume that the soil on which you walk is the soil you will be digging. You don’t need to dig deep in some places before hitting rocky soil, muddy dirt, or sand.

It can be difficult to dig through different types of soil. Rocky soil can be hard to break apart and heavy to lift. The bucket of a bobcat may simply spill muddy or wet soil. As you dig, muddy and sandy pit walls may collapse. This can make the job very difficult or even impossible.

Professional excavators will test the soil before digging it up to better understand its composition. The excavator will know what equipment to bring and how to prepare the soil for easier digging.

2. Professional Excavators Have the Right Equipment

Excavators who are professionals may use more equipment to dig, which can make the process faster and safer. Excavators may, for example, use trenchers – long, narrow tools designed to dig trenches – when excavating large gardens or farms. These trenchers can also be used to dig long, narrow pits for irrigation or plumbing pieces. These trenches are much faster and more efficient than using a bobcat to dig small rows. Specialty cranes arms can be used to reach around and over obstacles. These arms are much easier to use than trying manage a bobcat, or any other equipment, around trees, flowerbeds and other items.

Backhoes and cranes with longer arms can dig pits faster and more safely, especially if they are on soft or moist soil. Equipment with extended arms can be positioned further away from the edge of the hole when digging. This will make it less likely that it will collapse.

Also, professional excavators have access to heavy duty construction equipment that may require special licensing. These larger machines can make trenches and pits easier to dig.

3. With professional excavation, you can reduce the risk of property damage

You may be aware that you should call public utilities, or another municipality to mark the location of underground pipes and lines before you start digging. But these buried items are not the only ones at risk during an excavation project. You might, for example, forget to check overhead lines while lifting the bucket on a bobcat or moving the bobcat when the bucket is already raised. The bucket or bobcat could also be swung or turned into a nearby object, such as a garage or home window. A bobcat, for example, can damage the exterior of your house by bumping it. It may chip bricks, dent aluminum siding or snap posts.

A bobcat that is being moved by an inexperienced operator may “jerk” backwards or forwards. This can lead to soil spilling out of the bucket, causing a mess and damaging whatever is under that dirt. Professional excavators will be able to remove obstacles from a dig site and still remain very cautious when moving or turning. He will be able to use the equipment efficiently and smoothly, and avoid spilled soil and other hazards.

4. If something does get damaged, a professional excavator has insurance!

If something does get damaged, they will usually have insurance to cover the cost of repairs! If something is damaged, the excavator will usually have insurance that covers the cost of the repairs. You may also be liable for repairs if you damage an underground utility or sewer line.

You should also be aware that the insurance purchased when renting a bobcat, or any other equipment of this type, does not cover damage to your own property. This insurance usually only covers damage to rental equipment and not your home or garage. It is worth hiring a professional to maintain insurance for you. This will ensure that you don’t have to pay extra costs for damage caused by you.

5. Excavation is dangerous, even deadly

It can be deadly to dig a pit, no matter how big it is. You may not realize that digging and excavating can be dangerous.

  • A small bobcat, or any other digging equipment can cause the pit’s edges to collapse. This sudden movement could cause injury even if your equipment does not fall into the pit. This type of incident can cause whiplash, strain on your neck and back.
  • If you hit an overhead or underground power line, it can cause shocks and electrocution.
  • A gas leak can occur if you hit a gas line buried underground.

It is also possible that someone could be hit if they stand near a bobcat, or similar equipment, while it is turning or backing up. You can also fall and get injured if you slip on moist or soft soil.

Hire a professional excavator for additional benefits

There are a few other benefits to hiring a professional to do any excavation work on your property.

  • A skilled excavator will be able to determine whether the weather conditions are going to interfere with excavation work. For example, sudden frosts can make it difficult to dig. The excavator will know whether the rain is just enough for them to dig, or if it is too heavy to do so.
  • A company that excavates will often take away the dirt they remove! You may need to replenish soil after you plant if you dig trenches in order to create a small garden or landscaping feature. If you are digging a hole for a swimming pool, pouring a foundation or any other project, you need to dispose of the dirt. You can hire an excavator to do the digging and remove soil at the same time, rather than having to find a hauling service to do it.
  • Excavating companies are able to dig trenches or pits without damaging the soil, trees, and other surrounding elements. You can also ask them to replace any plants that need to be removed to prevent soil erosion.
  • A professional, experienced excavator can anticipate issues regarding the depth or location of your planned dig. If you plan to install an in-ground swimming pool near a shed, digging for the pool could compromise the strength of soil around the shed’s foundation, leading to cracks or other damage.

The excavation company can help with the permits, utility calls, and any other technical tasks and details that need to be completed before excavation begins.

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