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What is the difference between demolition and excavation?


Some demolition companies provide both demolition and excavating services to contractors for certain jobs. Many people don’t know the difference between demolition and excavation, despite their importance during construction. Understanding the difference between demolition and excavating can help you determine what service is required for a specific job.

What are the services that you can expect?

What is demolition?

According to the Excavation is the process of moving rock, dirt, and mud in order to make room for construction. Excavation is anything that involves tunneling and removing earthy materials.

Excavating land to build a project is not an easy task. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, there are many factors to take into consideration.

Before the excavation begins, it is important that the crew know exactly what they are going to do. There can be dangerous conditions such as falling debris that can hinder the process. It’s important to survey the land to determine what lies beneath.

Excavation steps

  • Rough Staking The extent of soil, and any potential obstacles must first be determined.
  • Clearing the Site: All vegetation and grass must be removed.
  • Ground Tracing – The center line and excavation lines are to be laid down and the depth must be measured.
  • Excavation Manual or mechanical excavation is permitted.
  • Rough Grading Remove soil and backfilling, then replace with topsoil.

Demolition and Excavation Summary

Both demolition and excavation are required for most construction projects. The demolition process involves removing the existing structure. Excavation is used to prepare the ground for new construction by removing the old and grading it.

Demolition and excavation services from experienced contractors in Minnesota will help you prepare to build a new construction. Our knowledge and experience will ensure that the project runs smoothly. Get a quote by contacting us.