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February 28, 2023
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Residential Excavation and Grading Contractors


Excavators for residential projects are responsible for digging, moving, and grading earth with a variety heavy machinery. This is often the foundation for different construction projects. Landscape, grading, and trenching are some of the most important aspects of home excavation.

Home Excavation Contractors: The Trenching Process

Trenching is the process of installing various utilities, sewers, wells, and other fundamental supports for any property. It is possible to lay the foundation for any size project with the assistance of an excavation contractor. It is crucial to hire the right residential contractors to do your home excavation contracting. This page will explain the basic requirements of contractors and the top qualities you should look for in residential excavators.

Excavation Work Explained

Excavating often requires infrastructure to be in place before the property can be used. This could include roads, sidewalks, and sewer lines. Drainage, drainage, and other landscaping features are also required. Another important aspect of excavation is the preparation of the site for house construction. Excavators will use various construction tools and dirt movers to move the new home. They also acquire all permits and engineering plans necessary for the property’s finalization. Before digging begins, excavators’ experts will collaborate closely with utility companies, permit services, and professional land surveyors. They can remove any obstacles or trees from the site and clear away roots brush and boulders.

Site Excavation

Site excavation is often required for any type of construction. This includes digging the trench to support the foundation, various pools, or for utilities. The excavation professionals will survey the area and make sure it is ready for concrete and backfilling. Professional excavation experts will grade and smoothen the soil to ensure that the foundation is ready for concrete, driveways can easily be added, and other construction features can also be installed. If there are any pre-existing structures that require removal before demolition can be done, excavation professionals can help. The excavation contractor will also handle the removal of dirt and other debris.

Proper Grading and Its Importance

Properly grading a property is essential to prepare it for home construction or road construction. The soil is prepared for foundations. It also ensures that it won’t settle after being installed. Although landscaping may incur additional costs, it can ensure that your property is well-equipped with trees and shrubs. If you have to take down a large structure or move out old building materials, excavation work such as demolitions can cost upwards $25,000. You can make your site ready for new construction by clearing the land and prepping it.

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Bell Excavating/Bill Wolfe Excavating, a family-owned business in Stillwater, Minnesota, specializes in excavation, site preparation and grading. Since over 20 years, we have provided these services to our customers and are proud to be one of the most respected excavation companies in the region. Our team is made up of professionals who are experienced and know how important it’s to deliver quality work on every job.

Our Services

We strive to be the best when working with our clients, whether they require residential or commercial grade excavations. No matter the type of job, our goal is customer satisfaction. We guarantee high quality results and competitive prices. Bell Excavating/Bill Wolfe Excavating has decades of industry experience and can handle any job that requires ground preparation.

Do not look further! Choose the company that is best for you. We offer many services that include:

  • Drainage Services
  • Landscape prep
  • Site grading
  • Foundation excavation
  • Utility trenching
  • Driveways
  • Replacement of a septic tank
  • Complete septic system repair

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