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February 1, 2022
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March 31, 2022

Septic System Maintenance: What to Expect


If a septic tank breaks, it is never pleasant, and there is often a lot of pressure to get it fixed as soon as possible. During times like these, consumers would be wise to stop, take a deep breath, and count to ten. Broken septic tanks may seem devastating, but they are actually fairly common. Consider your options instead of panicking and calling the first septic company you find in the phone book. The truth is, people make very few wise decisions when they are rushing. A thoughtful decision, in this case, might save you a substantial amount of money, and a carefully thought out decision is typically the best.

Most cities, and even many smaller towns, have at least one company that handles septic tank repairs, however, it is possible to repair the septic tank yourself if it has been damaged. A homeowner with free time and a moderate amount of skill with tools may be able to do the septic tank repairs on their own without outside assistance. Unless one is confident that they are up to the challenge, perhaps calling a company that specializes in septic tank repairs is a good idea, but what harm could it do to take a look? Sure, it may not be the most appealing thought, but even investigating the problem can help save one a lot of money.

There are two-tank systems in which one tank is placed upside-down on another tank. The seal between these two tanks is often one of the first things to erode due to bacteria, but earthquakes and heavy vehicles driving too close to the septic tank can also damage the seals. It is dirty and time-consuming to dig up the tank, but a seal is an easy, inexpensive fix. If you want your seals to be truly safe, they must be patched again and again. Once the second patch has been applied, a polymer seal is usually applied, and the entire area is then buried. In some cases, it might take only a few hours to complete the inspection and a few more hours to patch and bury a broken seal.

Broken septic tanks with physical cracks are also possible, but one would do well to bring a digital camera with them and send pictures to their local hardware store. A septic tank that is damaged in one area is likely to be nearly damaged in others as well. Additionally, the internal bacteria may have escaped and need to be repopulated for a septic system to function effectively. Experts should offer advice at this stage, and be prepared to consider the possibility that a septic tank needs to be replaced.

Septic Tank Problems

Septic tank cleaning is not necessary if you are not aware of any of the signs that indicate a problem with your septic system. To avoid being surprised by septic tank problems, it is best to know the signs. Here are signs that you need to watch out for to find out if your septic tank has any problems:

  1. Your septic tank has a buildup of sludge.
  2. Failure to install your septic tank correctly leads to easy sludge build-up.
  3. Loose and faulty connections can lead to damage and fast sludge buildup.
  4. A blocked flush leads to build-up of solid waste in your septic tank.

These are all signs that your septic tank needs pumping. A blocked septic tank causes slow flushing and poor sewage drainage. Your water may also become discolored if you do not fix the problems with your septic tank immediately. A poorly functioning septic tank will also affect the other water systems in your house. A damaged and overflowing septic tank can slow down the drainage of faucets and showers. It is best to do the necessary septic tank pumping to return to the normal functioning of your septic tank.