Septic System Design Basics
March 8, 2021
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4 Benefits of Having Your Septic Tank Pumped
May 3, 2021

Septic System Maintenance – The Top 5 Benefits

Septic tanks need to be pumped and inspected every three to five years. If you have a garbage disposal or if you have a large family living in a small house in Stillwater MN, you may need to have yours pumped annually. The relatively low frequency of such maintenance causes many homeowners to underestimate its importance. However, there are numerous benefits related to regular septic system maintenance from Bell Excavating.

1. Early Detection of Problems

Bell Excavating will spot signs of small problems, including cracks in the tank and blockage in the pipes connecting your home to the septic tank, while pumping your septic tank. Regular inspections ensure a problem is caught early before it turns into a more dangerous and expensive one.

2. You can change your habits with the help of your septic professional.

Maintaining a septic system is not always as simple as it seems. There are some things you shouldn’t flush, including feminine hygiene products and wet wipes. The tank can quickly fill up from too much garbage disposal use, and it’s also not a good idea to rinse unwanted chemicals down the drain, like paint and pesticides.

In addition to routine septic maintenance, Bell Excavating may also suggest whether there is anything that you can change to better care for your septic tank. When you have a family, this type of tool can be very useful, especially if you’re unsure whether everyone is

 following the rules regarding what not to flush.

3. Do Not Worry About Sewage Back-Ups

In the event that your septic tank becomes too full before it is pumped, toxic sewage could back up into your yard. In raw sewage are a host of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause serious infections like Leptospirosis and Hepatitis A.

Sewage-related disease causes nausea, vomiting, fever, and diarrhea for about 7 percent of those who become ill due to their exposure each year.

You can eliminate solid waste from a septic tank before it builds up to a level that will cause a backup when you arrange regular septic maintenance from Bell Excavating. 

You need to consider this, particularly if there are children and pets in the yard that may get exposed to sewage if the tank overflows.

4. Drains Will Flow Freely

Your drains may begin draining slowly if your septic tank becomes too full before it is pumped. Showering with 6 inches of water because the drain won’t work isn’t enjoyable, nor is waiting for sluggish sink drainage enjoyable either. By pumping your tank on a regular basis, you can ensure your drain has an adequate amount of space.

5. Costs will stay manageable

In order to keep costs down, some homeowners try to delay septic maintenance. It might end up costing you more in the long run. The cost to clean up sewage and replace building materials can run into thousands if your septic tank is neglected.

Plus, if you catch a problem early such as cracks or leaks, you can prepare for the cost of repairing or replacing the tank. Otherwise, you may have to come up with the funds immediately.

Taking the proper care of your septic system will help you keep it in good condition. Call Bell Excavating to schedule an appointment to maintain your septic system soon.