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December 1, 2020
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February 8, 2021

Winter Septic Tank Problems And How To Avoid Them


In the cold winter months, your septic tank is under a lot of stress. Holiday guests, snow and cold weather will cause a lot of problems that might damage your septic tank. If you want to prevent such costly damage, you need to know the potential problems. Here are a few of the common problems that your septic tank might experience in the winter months and how to prevent them.

  1. Frozen Tank Components

When snow or frost gets into your septic system, it might freeze the components or the entire system. When this happens, the metabolic rate of the anaerobic bacteria found in your septic tank. As such, the waste will not be broken down.

It’s pretty easy to avoid this problem. You should add an insulating cover or blanket on your septic tank to keep it warm in the colder months. Also, if there is vegetation around the septic tank, it should provide enough shield from the cold. Run your water every day and use the septic system repeatedly to reduce the risk of freezing.

  1. Compacted Snow And Soil

When you drive over snow with a plow or your car, it will result in the snow above the septic tank being compacted. Together with the cold temperatures, the soil found above the septic tank, as well as the drain field, instantly becomes dense and compact. When this happens, insulating your septic tank becomes less effective resulting in a frozen system.

Once the soil found in the drain field becomes compacted, any wastewater will not be properly drained or filtered. You can avoid these issues by aerating your soil before the cold months. Also, you need to avoid driving over the soil above your septic tank to prevent compacting.

  1. Improperly Functioning Pipes

If there are leaks and clogs in your pipes, there will be poor drainage. Leakages during the cold months can lead to freezing thereby damaging the septic system further. Clogs result in the accumulation of wastewater in the pipes and the cold forces the wastewater to freeze. Once this happens, your system will be damaged and your drinking water will be contaminated.

You can avoid these issues in a few ways. Start by fixing leaky pipes before the cold winter months set in. Also, you should address any leaks or clogs after you notice them to keep these problems from becoming severe.

  1. Improper Use

If there are too many showers or loads of laundry, your system is likely going to be overworked. Preparing elaborate meals during the holidays will also lead to an overworked system. To prevent these issues, you need to stagger laundry days and showers. Instead of using a huge amount of water at once that might lead to damage to your septic tank. Also, avoid preparing your holiday food at once. Rather you should do it over a few days.

  1. Difficulty Pumping Your Tank

During the cold winter months, you will have a hard time pumping your septic tank. You will be unable to reach the septic tank because of the frozen ground and the snow on the lawn. It’s best to avoid any maintenance during the winter months. Have your septic tank pumped when it’s getting full, especially before the ground freezes.

Bell Excavating Septic System Maintenance

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