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June 23, 2020
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septic system installation
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June 23, 2020
Tips On How To Maintain Your Septic System And Septic Tank
July 28, 2020

Top Reasons To Hire A Landscape Excavation Professional

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Are you thinking of putting up a new structure in your property or do you have any modifications on existing structures planned?

For any of the projects above, you will have to carry out landscape excavation. This preliminary stage will allow you to prep the proposed work site for your project.

Excavating and grading a work site will be necessary if you plan to do the following:

• Build a foundation
• Install a pool
• Add a concrete patio to your house
• Combat soil erosion
• Build a driveway

Why Should You Hire Professional Landscape Excavation Contractor?

Excavating an area where you are going to build a house foundation requires a lot of planning.

Before starting any excavation, it is best to get expert advice. Remember, your house will only be strong as the foundation you built.

By hiring a landscape excavation professional, you can guarantee that the excavation and grading work done on your proposed work site fits the intended design. A professional will work with the goal of ensuring that you eventually put up a high-quality home that is extremely safe.

A skilled excavation contractor will offer several key services including:

  1. Grading and Leveling the Soil at Your Work Site

For the soil at your proposed work site to support the structure you are planning to build, it must be graded and leveled. If there are any uneven surfaces and slopes at the work lot, they should be leveled and graded before any work can commence.

Grading and leveling the soil at your proposed work site has the following benefits:

• It will prevent soil erosion around your property
• It will even the soil surface hence making construction easier
• It will make the work site safer by getting rid of bumps and uneven surfaces
• It will aerate your lawn priming the space for grass or decorative shrubs
• It will help improve the drainage of water eliminating the risk of flooding
• It will make it easier for you to maintain your landscape design

  1. Priming Work Sites for New Construction Projects

Are you considering building a patio, adding a pool to your property or starting a garden in your yard? Perhaps you are thinking of building a greenhouse, putting up a fence or improving the overall aesthetics of your property by adding a fountain? For all the projects above, you will require the services of an excavation and grading professional.

Below is a detailed listing of some of the construction projects where the services of an excavation company will be needed.

• Adding a driveway or patio – In many cases, patios and driveways require a dirt pad that needs to be graded before actual construction can start.
• Digging up a crawl space or basement – For either of these spaces, you need a hole in the ground hence the need for excavation services.
• Waterproofing a basement – In order to properly waterproof your basement, you have to first dig out the soil around your house to view foundation walls and identify the areas to be sealed.
• Creating a garden – Sometimes, it may prove necessary to modify the soil structure in the area where you want to start a garden if you want your plants to grow healthily and flourish.

  1. Building Quality Drainage Systems

To avoid flooding around your property or basement and to maintain the structural integrity of your foundation, you have to get proper drainage systems installed within your property.

When the soil in your property is modified to have the proper levels of drainage, you will all potential problems associated with flooding and in the process get a better landscape. There are several types of drainage systems that you can choose for your property such as:

• Surface drainage systems – These usually collect rain water falling on the ground around your property and direct it to a ditch or channel.
• Subsurface drainage systems – When installing these systems, pipes must be placed underground. These systems are ideal for ensuring proper drainage in gardens and landscapes.
• Slope drainage systems – These systems are usually designed to collect water flowing down sloping ground to prevent potential flooding at the bottom.

A skilled excavation expert will assist you with selecting the most ideal drainage system for your property and also aid in the construction process.

How Much Does Hiring a Professional Excavation and Grading Contractor Cost?

There are several factors that influence the overall cost of excavating a lot. They include:

• The size of the lot
• The accessibility of the area to be excavated
• The type of soil and terrain in the lot
• The equipment required by the excavation professional
• The season when the excavation is to be carried out

Why Choose the Right Professional Excavation Contractor?

The foundation is an integral part of your house and as such, you should ensure that it is solid and strong. When engaging an excavation and grading expert, ensure that they are licensed and comprehensively licensed. By selecting an experienced and highly-skilled contractor, you will:

• Lower the risk of any damage to your property
• Stop soil erosion within your property
• Maintain the integrity of your retaining walls
• Ensure that the soil in your yard can support your gardening and landscaping needs