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June 23, 2020

What Is The Purpose Of Excavating Contractors?

The primary goal is to move dirt around; they are tasked with soil-related jobs including grading, trenching, and site preparation. They do operate a multitude of pieces of heavy equipment.

Overview Of Sight Preparation

Most construction projects will utilize the skills of an excavation contractor that works directly with a surveying crew that tells them where the boundaries of the lot and house are. The contractor will want them to remove, to a specific depth, soil that will allow them to put down the foundation and also compact the soil in certain areas. Precise measurements are required when digging, so excavation contractors must work with the surveying crew at every job site. If not, when they pour the foundation for the footers and stem wall, they could have mistakes when the new foundation is done.


Typically referred to as subcontractors, excavation contractors are people that own businesses that are doing part of a larger job. They could be hired to dig out a swimming pool, but for the other portions of the project, they may not be used at all. They work with general contractors, people that submit the bids, and will coordinate with others until the project is fully completed.

Spreading The Dirt Around

Excavation contractors are there to move dirt around. Depending upon the job they are doing, they could be responsible for using trencher’s to dig out gas and water lines, as well as grade roads, build roads, and create ponds. These contractors can also be used to create terrorist drainage, or even build earthen dams on or near agricultural land.

Why They Operate Heavy Equipment

It can be very costly to run excavation equipment, and it is also very expensive to purchase. For example, if they are using a midsized or small unit, this could be a backhoe, bulldozer, front-end loader, trencher, compactor, or even skid steers. They may also go to trade schools or college in order to use heavy equipment, and they will hire skilled operators or trained new ones for the job. These contractors are often individuals that have used heavy equipment in the past which is what gives them the skills necessary to complete jobs and train other workers.

Excavation Contracting Business Information

One of their jobs is to estimate jobs and also plays competitive bids so that they can work within the community. Most state contractors must be bonded and licensed, plus they must complete a test proving their skills and show their financial viability. They will also have skills at handling payroll, bookkeeping, and will obviously pay income taxes on a quarterly basis as almost every business must do. Effectively, they are responsible for all of the financial aspects of their business which will include insurance and also practicing safe job site rules and practices that are mandated by OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Hazard Association.