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Septic System Maintenance
April 28, 2023
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The Process Of Excavation And Septic Tank Installation
June 29, 2023

Go With the Flow: How Wet Tapping Works

Storm sewer pipe repair

You can wet tap the existing system while it is still under pressure or you can shut down the entire system. Wet tapping is a new concept for many municipalities, and they still use the old method of shutting the system down. This technique is not only inefficient, but also creates extra work. For example, pipe dewatering requires that water be tested to determine if it contains bacteria after the system has been turned back on. This also means that all customers who receive water from this service must activate a boil-order. You can simply carry on your normal day with wet tapping. Wet tapping, its benefits and disadvantages will be discussed.

You place a tap fitting and a valve on the main water line to control water flow. The main can be tapped once the valve and fitting are installed. The valve will close once the drill is withdrawn, preventing water leakage from the main. This is a simple procedure that will help you avoid the need for additional testing or boil orders when dewatering a main. You can still provide water to your customers and complete the work during normal business hours. This is how it works.

  • Install the tap fitting on the main water line and secure it firmly.
  • Install a gate or ball valve and leave it wide open.
  • A tapping machine with a watertight housing and a cutting blade is attached to the valve opposite the main.
  • The cutting head is advanced and the tapping machine is turned on.
  • All fittings, including the tapping machine and valve, are securely attached to prevent loss of pressure.
  • The valve is then closed and the cutting head is removed from the tapping machine.
  • The valve is left in its original condition with the tap and valve still functional.

Wet tapping systems help you avoid unhappy customers, as the new tap will not affect their service or pressure. Wires on the cutting heads retain the removed main piece, so there is no debris in the system. Burn through can occur in rare cases when attaching a tap fitting to older, corroded pipe. However, most pipes with this level of corrosion will not work with additional fittings. Wet tap fittings are often more expensive than standard fittings but they’re more cost-effective over time. Hot tapping can also be used for other pipeline needs. This includes several gases and fluids that are used in municipal and industrial facilities.

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