Trenchless Excavation
September 30, 2021
septic system
Make sure your septic system is protected from large parties
November 30, 2021
Trenchless Excavation
September 30, 2021
septic system
Make sure your septic system is protected from large parties
November 30, 2021

Excavating Contracting: What do they do?

Bulldozers and backhoes are usually pictured when people think of excavation companies. During excavation, earth – soil, dirt, or stone – is moved from one place to another. Various types of excavation are carried out. Extraction companies, however, are much more versatile than you might expect. These are a few of the other services they offer.

Permit Navigation and Project Management

When you apply for a permit, you are confirming that you are planning to take action on your property. Permits outline the rules and regulations you must follow throughout the life of a project. There are different guidelines for a permit depending on the property type and the project. Typically, a permit specifies the hours during which work is permitted, noise regulations, and procedures for delivering and removing materials.

It can be hard to keep track of permits and deadlines when you do projects on your home by yourself. In addition to managing your property’s necessary permits, a licensed excavation company can develop a project timeline. You will stay ahead of schedule and within your budget when you hire a professional to manage your project.

Demolition and Removal Services

Residential Home and Garage Demolition

An excavation company can do more than just excavate a property. A lot of machinery used in excavation projects is also used in demolition and removal projects. Because of this, excavation companies offer a variety of services – their equipment is multifaceted. Whether a property is residential or commercial, some projects will have similar scopes. Demolition of a residential property is very different than demolition of a commercial property. There are many excavation companies that specialize in at least one of these demolition services.

Both the demolition of residential homes and the demolition of garages requires thorough preparation. The process of demolition can be guided by an excavation company. You will be required to have your home inspected before proceeding with demolition, which is a service some excavation companies provide. Structure of the home needs to be examined. You should also consider risks and hazards, such as the presence of wood rot, mold, or hazardous materials. By identifying these weaknesses, the demolition company can plan a safe demolition.

Excavation companies can also assist you in disconnecting utilities and services before demolishing. You can use these services to disconnect gas lines, sewage lines, water lines, and electric lines. Disconnecting the gas and electricity lines is crucial. Your property and your neighbors are at risk of serious health problems if they are present during demolition.

It may be necessary to remove piping from underneath your garage by hand if there is a lot of piping underneath. You can also hire an excavation company to help with the first steps of building the new house on the property where the old one stood. Working with a licensed excavation contractor instead of different project managers can save you both time and money, as they can provide both demolition and excavation services.

Drainage Services

Residential Vs. Commercial Drainage

Residential and commercial drainage problems will have different solutions depending on the property’s issues. Poor drainage is caused by the slope of the property, the soil quality, and the property’s existing drainage system. Permits are typically required for drainage construction projects, and the permit requirements can vary depending on the property type and location. Contractors are familiar with the nuances of these different property types.

The Risks of Rainwater

Both commercial and residential properties can benefit from the services of excavation companies. Lack of proper drainage can cause rainwater to damage properties. Gravity causes rainwater to follow deeper areas of your property, so rainwater will typically accumulate where your property is deepest. If rainwater drains improperly, soil erosion will occur, causing grass and plants to slowly die. The introduction of plants that help facilitate water absorption in soil can sometimes be a solution to rainwater damage. However, when rainwater leads to more complex damages, you can opt for another drainage solution. An excavation company can help you determine the best drainage solution for your property.

In Ground Drainage, Lawn, and Backyard Drainage Solutions

There are some drainage systems embedded in the ground. A pipe or trench system can carry water from your property to a proper water reclamation site. Resolving soil erosion problems or drainage problems in your lawn or backyard is essential. When water pools around your property instead of draining properly, then you run the risk of damaging your foundation. You can solve many of these risks by installing in-ground drainage systems, which excavation companies can do for you.

Driveway Drainage Solutions

Water drainage problems are often overlooked when it comes to driveways. Pavements in driveways are usually made from nonporous materials, which means that water cannot penetrate the pavement. Pooling water is often the result. Driveways that are too flat often have drainage problems. Water simply runs down your driveway and into street-side storm drains if you install a sloped driveway. You can improve the drainage of your driveway if your property does not slope. Metal grate covers driveway drains, making them easy to clean and safe to walk over. Companies that provide excavation services can reslope your driveway as well as dig trenches around it.

Seepage Pit Installation

A seepage pit is one way to collect the gray and black water generated by a septic tank. They are installed vertically and dug very deeply into the ground. Anaerobic bacteria can handle most of the waste water in a seepage pit buried deep in the ground. In anaerobic bacterial cultures, oxygen is not required for growth or survival. Seepage pits often use anaerobic bacteria to treat waste water, so it is important to understand that not all bacteria are bad.  Seepage pits treat water in tanks before returning it to the local water table. It is possible to flood your yard with waste water if your seepage pit isn’t designed to drain properly. For homeowners who must treat their wastewater, seepage pits are an excellent option. Excavating companies can ensure the proper installation of the pit.

Delivery and Removal Services

Trucking and Material Delivery

Material delivery trucks are part of the fleets of excavation companies. A company that provides excavation services can still assist you with material delivery even if you are not working on a project that requires excavation. The most common materials are sand, stone, and soil. An excavation company that also offers material delivery services can save you time and money if you are working on an excavation project.

Underground Oil Tank Scan and Removal

When heating homes, homeowners relied on petroleum products stored in underground tanks made of steel. Using a steel tank, though, has the disadvantage that steel rusts over time. Whenever rust corrodes a hole in a tank, the entire contents spill into the environment. Due to their environmental hazards, modern oil tanks are no longer manufactured out of steel.

The old-fashioned steel tanks were widely used in New Jersey for many years, so scanning your property for an old oil tank is necessary for both the health of your property and for the health of your family. Licensed excavation companies can help scan your property for these old tanks. This is particularly important if you are looking to buy or sell a residential property. Because the tank has dangerous contents, carefully and safely removing it from the ground is a specialized task. An excavation company can remove it for you without causing harm to your home or property.