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Camera Sewer Services and Inspections – Bell Excavating

A plumbing emergency typically happens when we are extremely busy. The pipes clogs up and create problems. There will be times when you notice a smell coming from the drain and unfortunately it happens when you have friends over. Sometimes, when you are about to leave for your hard earned vacation, the basement suddenly gets flooded. All these mishaps can be prevented by homeowners and business owners.

One of the best ways to prevent any of this from happening is to have a sewer camera inspection scheduled in order to pre-empt any issues and to prevent any plumbing problems from happening in the first place.

6 Advantages of Sewer Camera Inspection

1 Accurate Diagnosis

Property owners get to see a real-time feed from the sewer line camera in real-time. This camera is fed underground into the pipeline. It will allow you to see with your own eyes if there are any sewer problems as well as location of the problem regardless of the turns and twists it takes for the camera line to get there. Here at Bell Excavating, we will show know the exact problem and location of the problem.

2 Does Not Require Digging

Thanks to the innovations in trenchless technology, it has become extremely efficient to fix any kind of sewer problems. There is no need to dig out the whole yard to fix an issue with the sewer line. Bell Excavating technicians will create a small entry point to move the camera inside the plumbing to look at any potential problems inside the plumbing lines.

3 Lower Labor Costs

In the traditional process, a lot of trial and error is involved in order to find the exact location of the problem. With the help of trenchless technology, you won’t need heavy machinery and a number of contractors to locate the exact location of the problem. Only a few of our qualified technicians are enough to find the exact location of the problem within a few hours with the help of this innovative technology.

4 Highly Efficient

This solution does not involve any digging which means a lot less time is needed for the inspection. Trenchless technology also saves a lot of time on repair and replacement. Once the work has been done, a final video inspection is done to ensure that the replacement work is at the right place and is working. The replacement material used for fixing the problem has a long service life which means you won’t need to recall technicians to fix the same issue even years later.

5 Long-Term Solution

When our technicians carry out camera inspection, they check the entire length and breadth of the sewer system. This entire inspection is recorded on video and we keep it in our records as a reference for use at a later date. The yearly sewer inspection becomes much easier and faster with the help of this reference data.

6 Preventive Maintenance

Sewer camera inspection is the right solution to prevent any catastrophic plumbing issues in the future. You should call a qualified technician to inspect the pipes in case patches of water start appearing in your yard regularly. These leaks that appear tiny in the beginning will get much bigger if not fixed at the right time. A camera inspection by qualified technicians will help you know the real extent of the damage in the sewer system.

The camera inspection technology is capable of noticing even the smallest problems in the sewer line. It helps in fixing the issues and in preventing them from developing into something highly disruptive. You can be assured of high quality work, a thorough sewer inspection and fair pricing when you call us for our sewer camera inspection services.

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