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July 28, 2020
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Wet Tapping

Wet tapping is used for cutting a hole in what is called a pressure main. By using a process called tapping sleeve and valve, this can be used to facilitate cutting this hole even though everything is under pressure, creating the possibility for a permanent branch connection. Any type of pipe can be used for this process, and regardless of the flow or pressure of the material, this can be done without interrupting the system itself.

The Wet Tapping process enables individuals to modify existing systems that are pressurized, or if they are in service, without interrupting that system.
This can save customers a lot of money because it will not shut down the system, and it can also cut directly into a mechanical tee.

The whole can be cut into an existing main. The actual size of a whole simply depends on what type of services are requested. This tapping service uses different types of drilling machines for pipe tapping so that new connections can be installed for additional branches. Within existing pipelines, they can be affected even if they are operating at 500 psi. Experts can do this process without allowing any leakage or an interruption to the system.

The Wet Tapping process uses custom-designed fittings which will help contain the system pressure, use the valve controls for new connections, and will have a drilling machine that can facilitate the cuts. We can also perform different types of procedures including working with PVC, asbestos cement, transite, copper, steel, iron, and cast-iron. There are many other additional applications that can be requested. The wet tapping process done by our professional team will save you not only a lot of time but a substantial amount of money. We can help prevent shutdowns when we are doing repairs on valves, installing new ports, helping with fire lines, installing sensors, installing pressure vessels and also implementing the commissions of piping. These are just a few ways that we can help you with your existing system.

The Installation Process
For example, during a wet tapping installation, the tapping sleeve can be mounted, also called the saddle, and can be performed on the main system. This will be used in conjunction with an overseer that will monitor the process and the requirements of the system. Once the mounting has occurred, there will be a permanent valve that will be installed and our team of experts will promptly test the entire system once it is ready to be used. This will ensure that your entire system will maintain its integrity and will not be compromised.

This will typically occur at residential or commercial locations. When using the wet tap process, this will allow a new connection to be set up without any disruption to your service and also maintain the flow of your product.